A Pine street studios film series

All That's Left - Episode Two: "Fragments"

Before the plague, he was just a high schooler trying to balance a strict father and easy-going friends... not knowing that soon, everything would change. In the present, our two heroes have ventured out into the unknown, hoping to find supplies, food... and maybe other people. Unfortunately for them, things aren't always as they appear...

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"We'll find someone... because we have to."

Lead 1

Sean Doughty

"Well... eighth time's the charm, right?"

Lead 2

Shane Fitzgerald

"All I'm saying is you deserve a break..."

Friend on Phone

Ben Pacek

*running/chewing/drinking noises*


Justin Chaires

"Don't worry, you'll get better... you always have."


Edward Doughty

"...we enter into what may become a global crisis."

Reporter (on radio)

Holly Brown